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#242: Your child catches him cheating.

  • Niall: “Dad!” He called out excitedly gripping his new won trophy ready to show it off, “…what the fuck?” He muttered the excitement vanishing from his voice as he stared straight ahead with knitted brows. “What…what are you doing dad? Who the hell is this?” He asked letting the trophy slip from his hand crashing to the spot beside his foot as he watched his father separate himself from the half naked woman in their living room. Niall let out a nervous sigh running his hand quickly through his hair, “S’not what it looks like Caleb.” He spoke under his breath as the woman began to redress hurriedly, stumbling as she struggled slipping into her tight jeans. Caleb let out a dry laugh with a nod of his head, “Really dad? M’not a little boy anymore yeah. You’re fucking her aren’t you?” Caleb questioned although he was aware of the answer, he could tell just from the look on his father’s face and his expression hardened, “What about mum dad?” He pressed stepping closer to Niall with his fist tightened. “Cal…” Niall whispered as he watched the woman slip past him with her shoes in hand. “Dad just…just go okay. When mum gets in I’ll tell her you had t work late…don’t come back tonight.” Caleb advised staring his father in the eye.
  • Harry: Charlie sat in the car silently with her eyes trained straight ahead at the car in front of them, “Alright Charles?” Harry asked with a raised brow glancing over at her but he didn’t receive an answer back. “Did I miss something?” He pressed this time not looking over at her and she shrugged her shoulders. “I know dad.” She mumbled pulling at a loose string on her shirt causing Harry to sneak a peek at her with furrowed brows. “I know what you’re doing dad.” She continued to speak quietly letting her head lightly thump against the window. “Charlie…what are you going on about?” He asked still unclear what she claimed to know. “Yesterday I…I saw you with another woman when I was with Aubrey.” She responded only causing Harry’s eyes to widen but he didn’t allow his eyes to wander over to his daughter. “You’re cheating on mum dad…for—for how long dad?” She asked letting her eyes shut as she felt them slightly glaze over. Clearing his throat, “A few months…” He admitted and she let out a small sigh. “Tell mum,” She mumbled as the car pulled up to her school and she gathered her bag before slipping out the car, “or I will dad.” She added before shutting the car door harder than she needed to.
  • Zayn: “Who’s that?” Gavin questioned as he approached the car with his gym back hanging off his shoulder letting his eyes follow after the woman who’d just left the car. “Just a old friend of mine.” Zayn shrugged shooting him a quick smile before starting the car. “Yeah? I’ve seen you two together a lot…” Gavin’s voice trailed off as he tossed his back in the back. “How was practice?” Zayn asked completely ignoring what Gavin was suggesting. “Was alright…does mum know your friend too?” He asked with a raised brow and Zayn let out a sigh turning the car off. “Why are we even talking about this?” Zayn mumbled running his hand over his face as Gavin shrugged. “Just don’t want my mum to end up hurt…again.” He whispered with his jaw clenched as he stared over at Zayn with narrowed eyes. “Are you sleeping with that one?” He asked motioning with his thumb out the window in the direction the woman had left in. “Because if you are dad s’over…I want nothing to do with you.” Gavin threatened, “M’positive mum would want nothing to do with you either not after the first time.” He finished not waiting for his father’s response before stepping out the car. “Think I’d rather walk home than sit in the car with you.” He spoke under his breath with a shake of his head.
  • Louis: Sophie absentmindedly scrolled through her father’s phone in search of the pictures he snapped of her baby brother taking his first steps. Her breath trapped in her throat once she’d come across a picture of Louis locking lips with a woman who clearly wasn’t her mum. She glanced over her shoulder at her parents smiling brightly at one another as they admired little Tommo taking a few steps before dropping on his diaper-covered bum and her gaze returned to the picture. “Did you find the pictures yet? There’s a video too.” Louis said cheerfully as he approached her but she only shook her head in response. “Couldn’t find em…but here.” She mumbled pushing his phone back into his hands. Louis glanced down at the phone nearly dropping it in the process once noticing the picture she’d been staring at. Sophie rose from her seat not able to look her father in the eye as she stepped away from him, “Mum I’ll be back later yeah…forgot I was meeting Jace at the mall.” She said forcing a smile as she placed her lips quickly to her mum and her brother. “I can give you a ride there.” Louis said with hope in his voice, he needed to talk, to explain himself to Sophie. “No thanks…I can walk.”
  • Liam: Andy’s eyes filled with tears as he watched his father sloppily kiss the woman on her lips a chuckle slipping past his lips as he watched her get back into her car, driving off seconds later. Andy looked up to his dad, worshipped him better yet. His father never did anything wrong in his eyes, but that night Andy knew his father was doing wrong. Liam sauntered into the house a stupid smile still on his lips before he caught sight of Andy staring blankly out the window. “What are you still doing up little man? S’really late.” Liam asked flopping down on the couch beside his son. “M’not little anymore dad…I'm 14 now.” Andy mumbled just like he did every time Liam called him ‘little man’ and Liam let out a chuckle ruffling Andy’s hair a bit before Andy knocked his hand away causing Liam to furrow his brows. “Why are you…” “Who were you just with dad?” Andy cut him off still staring out in the direction of the car that took off. “Why were you just kissing that woman dad?” Andy whispered resting his forehead against the cool window. “Do—do you not want to be with mum anymore?”

Preference #4 You get in a fight- Part 1

  • Harry: "What's this" he says throwing a newspaper on the kitchen counter. "It's a newspaper, Harry" you say giggling. "I'm not stupid (y/n), look at the front." he says. You walk over to the table and look down at the crumpled gray paper. "Him? That's my best friend from when I was younger. I haven't seen him since I moved out here, but he's in town and I offered to show him around. That's it." you say with a defensive voice. "Really? You expect me to believe that." he asks "Actually Harry I do. I don't know why you're questioning me." At this point you could feel your insides filling with anger. "You want to know why I'm questioning you? Maybe it's because every time you go out with your friends, they just happen to be guys, and I don't like it." he responded. "Harry, why do you think so much of it? You know I'm not that type of girl." you shouted. "Well I'm not so sure anymore." he spat back. As that last word came out of his mouth, that's when the tears started to fall. He stood there in silence once he saw how his words affected you. "I'm glad you finally told me how you really feel." you said pushing past him and making your way out of the kitchen.
  • Niall: You were sitting down on the sofa when Niall came downstairs. "Hey Princess" he said leaning in for a kiss, but you turned your head. "What's the matter with you?" he asked slighly irritated. "Where the hell were you last night. I waited until 1 in the morning and you never came home. Then at like 3am I heard you stumble in drunk. What's that about?" you questioned. "(y/n) I was with the guys last night, you knew that. Why are you so mad?" he asked confused. "Niall you do this literally every weekend and I try to understand, I really do, but this is it i'm going to say what I have to. You stay out for hours on end, while I'm here worrying my heart out. You do it almost every weekend. But when I do it like once a month it becomes a huge problem and you make a big scene out of it. I don't get it." you shouted. "It's different when I do it (y/n)." was all he said. "Oh so you're allowed to stay out until 3 in the morning and it's fine, but when I do it, it becomes a huge problem. You have double standards. That's unfair and you know it." you lectured. "Can I explain (y/n)." he asked. "You know what, it's whatever.Just forget it" you said getting even more upset. "I'm leaving" you say while walking out the door.
  • Liam: Your parents had invited you and Liam to their house this evening for dinner. You were going to celebrate your moms birthday. "Where's Liam, I thought he was going to meet you here." your mother asks concerned. "I thought he was too, I guess he forgot." you reply back sadly. After about an hour you kiss your moms cheek and give her one last birthday wish and get ready to leave. When you got back to your flat Liam was sitting on the couch with Louis playing FIFA. "Hey love, how are you?" Liam asks. "Hey (y/n)" Louis chimes in. "Liam did you forget what tonight was?" you ask. He paused the game and looked at you. " Well it's not your birthday, not our anniversary, ummm it's not a holiday." "No, but it's my moms birthday and we were both supposed to have dinner at my parents house tonight." you say annoyed. Louis senses the tension, and tells Liam he'll talk to him later. "It was lovely seeing you (y/n)" he says sneaking out the door. "Shoot, love i'm sorry" he says walking over to you. "Forget it Liam, it's over with." you say heading upstairs. "Don't be mad" he says following you. "No Liam I am mad because my parents really wanted to see you, it was important to them and me and you forgot." You say before you slam the bedroom door closed.
  • Zayn: It had been a few weeks since you and Zayn had went out and actually done something you both enjoyed. "Let's go out tonight." you say excitedly. "Babe can we do it some other night. I'm really tired and I just want to stay in." he says keeping his eyes on the glued on the television. "Ok, well I'll go out with my friends then. But I really wanted to spend time with you." you say going to get dressed. "Why do you always have to do that." he pointed out. You could tell he was irritated. "Do what?" you say turning around. "You always make me feel bad when I don't want to go out." You walked to the edge of the bed. "I don't do it to make you feel bad, I just want to spend time with you. I didn't think that was such a bad thing." you reply crossing your arms. "(y/n) we spend everyday together, go out with your friends you don't need me there." he says. "Gosh Zayn, i'm sorry for wanting to do something fun with you. I apologize." you say bitterly. He doesn't respond, instead he just looks back at the television.
  • Louis: Friday night is when the boys usually come over. But this Friday was different. You were on your way downstairs when you stopped and heard Louis telling the boys that he felt you could be stubborn a lot of the time. You had to admit it was true but it hurt that he was telling the boys instead of telling you to your face. Feeling hurt you went back upstairs. After they left you decided to confront Louis about it. He was cleaning up the mess that was made in the living room. "Why would you tell the boys that I'm stubborn." you asked. "What are you talking abo-" you interrupted. "Lou save it, I heard you talking to the boys about it, and to be quite honest I didn't like it." you reply. "Cause it's true and to be honest I don't like when you act like that." he snapped. "Well if that's how you feel i'm sorry. I can't change who I am and if you don't like it then maybe we shouldn't be together." you spat back. "You don't mean that. Do you?" he asked in a lower voice. Of course you didn't mean it but you didn't want him to know that. To prove your point you just walked past him and went back upstairs, taking some time to cool down.


Your P.o.v

I been Fake dating Liam for about to be a year.”Y/n you have to go with Liam to the premier”Liam management said “Yeah i know i am just getting my bag”i got my purse and went out the door.”Hi”i greeted the boys in the car with there date “Hey you look amazing”perrie said “But you look…


Technically he wasn’t your kid. Your friend was raped then decided to have the child. After she gave birth she fell into depression and left you the kid since you had helped her raise the child up until that point. Little Jamie was now three and your job took you to London. You had just…

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I decided to do this pref, I don’t know man.. I was in the mood for fighting I guess? Enjoy..

12 days and counting until Harry was coming home from the TMH tour and you couldn’t wait. During those few months of him not being there, so many stories raised up about him. With every girl he…



His pov:

I sighed and looked at the window, not really wanting to be here. The boys and I were having lunch after meeting with management. They were all excited around the up and coming tour we were just told about, but all I think about was Y/N. Last time I went away on tour, it was…


A/N- I am going to break this up between the boys and then maybe do a part two? I don’t know yet. Anyway Liam will be next, as long as you guys request that I continue. Oh and there’s some strong language, so yeah.

Niall- Lately things with you and Niall had be off, way off. He was…


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Tv was changing colors. You pulled your sweater closer, as another wave of cold air shook over your body. You felt sick. Not because something you ate but because of what wurrounded you.

In front of you, on the screen there was couple kissing. She was standing on…

when are their birthdays???? Easy Anonymous

Harry 1/2/94

Liam 29/8/93

Louis 24/12/91

Niall 13/9/93

Zayn 12/1/93


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